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Reuse empty Uranus Uranus Wiper bags for origami crafts

Fold 1,000 origami paper cranes, says an ancient Japanese legend, and the gods will grant your wish. 

We think that there is no better way to fold paper than to reuse what we already have.

So rather than throw away your empty Uranus Wiper compostable kraft bags, you can get crafty fold eye catching origami figures with them. 

The kids can get involved as well in folding Uranus Wiper bags. 

Our zero waste origami videos will be helpful regardless of your experience in paper folding. They are a great how to do origami-for-kids guide and an effective way to learn origami.

We haven't included any how-to make origami belt videos because a Japanese origami master once told us that they're a waist of paper (see what we did there?)😜

Come on and let's fold some eye popping zero waste origami !!!

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