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Kick cancersass banner lady in red heels kicking cancer

Uranus Wiper supports the Anal Cancer Foundation, a charity dedicated to helping and empowering patients.

Anal cancer carries an incredibly difficult stigma which remains one of the main challenges to improving outcomes for patients.

Lots of patients talk about the solitude they feel after being diagnosed with life-threatening anal cancer, because they are not comfortable discussing it openly for fear of judgement.

The stigma also prevents fair conversation, resulting in less prevention, research and education about the illness.

Uranus Wiper aims to help put a big dent in the stigma around anal cancer by:

1.  Prominently highlighting our support for the cause on our product packaging, social media channels and advertising creatives to help increase awareness about anal cancer.

2.  Also, we donate a penny to the Anal Cancer Foundation for every pack of Uranus Wiper you buy.

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