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Uranus Wiper

Storm Pooper Brushed Aluminium Bathroom Art

  • Do you have a soft spot for a good hilarious bathroom artwork? Then this lovely bowel vacating Stormtrooper brushed aluminium picture frame will go down a storm (pun intended) with you. 
  • This funny metal sign for the Original Stormtrooper with highly saturated colours deserves pride of place in your porcelain throne room and is a clear announcement to every user of your guest toilet! 
  • The 20 x 30 cm wide art printed on brushed aluminum will cause many a comment and a chuckle.
  • The print is matte and glare-free and will make a great birthday gift for a Star Wars fan! May the force be with you. 
  • The grain direction is horizontal and it includes a hanging kit- style 

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