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💡 Did you know? Most toilets flush in the musical key of E Flat.

100% Plastic Free, Recycled Toilet Rolls | 4 Ply, BPA Free, Hypoallergenic and Septic Safe

Uranus Wiper

100% Recycled, 4 Ply Plastic Free Toilet Rolls (45 Rolls)

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Extraaa Looooong Sheeeets

In every box of Uranus Wiper, you'll find 48 high-quality, extra-long bamboo toilet rolls. Each roll boasts a bountiful 360 sheets. Our sheet-boffins crunched the numbers, and it's a staggering 17,280 plush sheets per box. That's a lot of sheets for gliding downhill to the bottom!
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Technically, Functionally, Socially Good Toilet Roll

🧻Do you deliberately intend to clog your toilet? Then this septic safe toilet paper is not the right bog roll for you. We just might be the best toilet roll for septic tanks in the UK🚽

🧻Eco toilet paper that is made in the EU = lower carbon footprints.

🧻Oxygen rather than chlorine is used to whiten Uranus Wiper loo rolls. This makes it less white than other toilet roll brands but hey, no unsafe chemicals in your toilet roll sounds better doesn't it?

🧻Lint-free, antifungal, and hypoallergenic toilet paper so fewer worries about itching, soreness, and irritation.

🧻Yes, Uranus Wiper BPA free toilet rolls are hygienically made from pre consumer, ink free, recycled paper that would have ended up in landfills. So no tree has been cut down to make Uranus Wiper loo rolls.

🧻Errrm no, recycled toilet paper does not mean that it's made from used or recycled toilet paper.

🧻4 ply toilet paper, quilted, cushiony. Now wave goodbye to recycled toilet paper that feels like Izal medicated strong toilet tissue paper.

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Free Shipping ? Of course

Absolutely yes for our 45 rolls bulk loo roll. Niiice!!!

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This is because our logistics partners charge us an arm and a leg to deliver a box of 9 Uranus Wiper rolls to your door.

So to keep things reasonably fair, we usually give them an arm (not the one we wipe with), keep our legs and charge you a fair delivery fee.

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Uranus Wiper Carbon Emission Offset

In line with one of our big hairy audacious goals of Keeping Earth Clean, we have integrated automatic carbon emissions offsets into our deliveries. This makes every Uranus Wiper delivery to you completely carbon neutral and that much greener. Learn more about the project we support on our Carbon Emission Offset page.

NHS, Armed Forces and Key Workers Discount

Uranus Wiper are proud to support the NHS, Emergency Services and the Armed Forces by offering Blue Light Card holders an exclusive ‘thank you’ discount. Learn more on our NHS, Armed Forces and Key Workers Discount page.

Caravan, motorhome, marine cassette or portable toilets? Our quick dissolving 4Ply rolls also do the job.

🪠 Breaks down easier and quicker than your regular supermarket toilet roll or bamboo toilet roll. Well worth it when you have the slightly traumatic job of emptying your lovely porta loo or toilet cassette.  No need for the newspaper on a nail or piece of string with these in your caravan toilet or motorhome.

🪠May be the best loo paper for chemical and porta loos: thick enough to do the job without tearing and thin enough to dissolve in the cassette or in a porta-potti wasting holding tank.

🪠Quick dissolving toilet paper that doesn’t cost as much as "specially developed campervan porta potti toilet paper."  An essential for any expditions, camping, caravan trips, or festivals. Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Expedition, Glastonbury ❤ and Uranus Wiper toilet roll = match made in....Uranus.

Why we're not fans of single use plastic

🦩1,000,000 sea birds killed annually

⛔ Direct negative health impacts on human food chain

🐬 100,000 marine mammals killed annually 

📈 High economic cost to society 

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Why Recycled Paper ?

♻️ Saves 30,000 litres of water saved per tonne of paper compared to non-recycled paper from virgin pulp.

♻️ 64% less energy used and 75% less pollution compared to virgin paper.

♻️ Saves enough electricity for an average 3 bed-house for one year.• Our recycled toilet paper is made from 25% post-consumer waste paper that would have ended up in landfills.

♻️ The remaining 75% of Uranus Wiper recycled tissue paper has its origins in pre-consumer waste paper, which is waste paper material from virgin paper manufacturing processes.

♻️ Our zero-waste approach of utilising the pre-consumer waste paper also reduces waste that would have ended up in landfills.

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