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Carbon-neutral shipping powered by carbon removal

Committed to our big hairy audacious goal of Keeping Earth Clean, we've achieved much, from saving trees and using recycled, plastic-free packaging to carbon-neutral production. Yet, deliveries to you create carbon emissions. We take care of this through our partnership with Shopify Planet. The partnership ensures that every bit of carbon generated during the delivery process is neutralised by pulling carbon out of Earth's atmosphere.

Here's how we do it: For each delivery, we calculate shipping emissions and donate a part of our revenue to reputable carbon removal companies to neutralize our carbon footprint. 👏 👏 

Let's meet a few of the companies that help us remove carbon from Earth's atmosphere.


Heirloom is rewriting the carbon capture playbook, and guess what their secret weapon is? Good old limestone! Here's the lowdown:
Limestone naturally sucks up carbon. Heirloom's turbocharged process, makes limestone soak up carbon much quicker. 
They heat up the limestone to make it burp out carbon and then find smart long-lasting materials like concrete to stash the carbon permanently.
Just like your favorite Spotify playlist, they keep looping the limestone to keep grabbing carbon. This not only helps the planet but also saves the trouble of mining more limestone.
In a nutshell, Heirloom's limestone magic makes an ordinary rock an eco-friendly superstar.
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Remora's innovation is all about capturing carbon emissions from trucks. They use a device that acts like a giant filter, pulling greenhouse gases from the truck's exhaust. This carbon is compressed, stored onboard the truck, and the device cleverly uses the truck's heat to refresh the filter. When the tanks are full, Remora collect the carbon with a special truck and deliver it to places like concrete producers, who stash it away. Finally, Remora's carbon is taken to secure underground spots where it's stored forever.
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Charm is all about turning nature's leftovers into a solution for carbon emissions. Here's their method:
Charm collects plant waste, leveraging the natural carbon-capturing abilities of cellulosic biomass. Through a process called fast pyrolysis, which transforms this waste into carbon-rich bio-oil. Charm safely inject this bio-oil deep underground, keeping it away permanently from wildfires and erosion for millennia.
Charm's ultimate goal? To reverse the carbon trend by putting it back underground where it can't cause harm.
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