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Ok GDPR is a blunt tool when it comes to parenting and alone time in the porcelain throne room. You think the kids are cute little privacy invaders when they're little, but as soon as they grow up, they morph into not so cute, big privacy invaders.
I've decided to pull on my controversial pants this month. So please fasten your seat belts, and let's get to it. I am talking here of the common or garden fart. It may be acceptable for squaddies to snigger about farting in a military barracks after lights out, but almost everywhere else, farting as a subject of conversation remains strictly taboo.
This video teaches you how to make an easy origami dragon by reusing Uranus Wiper toilet roll paper packaging. It is perhaps not the prettiest dragon in the world, but it'll probably win you some arts and crafts points with the kids.
You've probably seen origami stars before, but have you ever recycled a used Uranus Wiper toilet roll packaging and made your own? No, us neither. This was our first time too. Let us share with you the joy of watching an old piece of toilet paper kraft packaging being transformed into an elegant star...almost :-)
There’s something down there! What? More than you bargained for, that’s what. This week we drop down into the sewers to see what we can find. Quite a lot, as it turns out.
Certain things can seem difficult sometimes: like origami. But you know what doesn't have to be difficult? Going plastic free or zero waste friendly. 
Guess what!! With Uranus Wiper plastic-free and zero waste toilet paper packaging, you can do both at the same time. 
Did you know that the word for butterfly in Japanese is “chou”, translated as “Butterfly-dream”? This name came from the incomplete metamorphosis of the butterfly. They are too beautiful to be real and may remain in your dreams...or they become a part of it! This fact inspired us to make a small origami butterfly with a simple pattern that doesn’t take too much time.

Uranus Wiper has wiped its fair share of Great British bums over the years and thanks to the magnanimity of the Great British public and the combined might of their lower colons, we are number one when it comes to number twos. 🇬🇧🇬🇧

However, whilst diligently going about our patriotic wiping duties, we noticed lots of assteroids in the orbit of Uranus.
I was sitting in the throne room this morning meditating over what else busy people like you and me could do with ten minutes if we didn’t have to go to the toilet, and I came up with three suggestions that I really must share with you today!
As of today, a central pillar of statistics lies in ruins. The headline in the Chipping Sudbury Bugle said it all: ‘Law of Nature overturned as Uranus Wiper prove Infinite Monkey Theory False!’
I learned from my news feed this week of a tiger at large in Houston, Texas — roaming the streets like a quarter-tonne tabby cat, it was. I am regularly amazed by people's choice of exotic pets. I mean, where do they buy them? Surely there can't be any pet store with a tiger in the window, nestled between the dwarf rabbits and the Gerbils, with a '£500 (Or Nearest Offer)' sign round its neck.
Nor is the rhinoceros the only large animal likely to do you harm unless treated with respect. 
There is a war going on, in case you didn’t notice, inside us. It’s a millions-of-years-old conflict between clashing clans of bacteria.
There has never been a shortage of volunteers for scientific research; however it might appear out of left field.
Two news items caught my eye this week. A major online news outlet reported that surgeons recently removed a tiddlywink from the nose of a 45-year-old New Zealand woman. And one of the UK red tops told us the sorry tale of a bloke who got hammered and recklessly changed his name for a bet.

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